VOLA Alpine Ski And Snowboard Nordic Ski Racing Wax Iron 230V 1000W Adjustable Temperature

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Vola Ski Snowboard Waxing Iron - 15mm Thick base wax iron 230V 1000W(012017) 

  • The wax iron by VOLA is a practical, affordable iron that competes with many which are far more expensive.
  • Working temperature range:100C~160C degree centigrade(212F~320F),can melting and waxing nearly all of solid waxes.
  • Adjustable heat with a thick,7.4" x 3.7" x 0.6" heat plate(19x9.5x1.5cm).
  • Non-stick dimpled base plate with chamfered edges easily glides along base when melting wax.
  • Power rating: 220V and 1000W,CE,GS for EU,RU,China,S.Korea,NZ etc.
  • European plug as standad.

 How to use wax iron

  • Be careful make sure the iron never touches any dry ski base. Leave the iron up in the air melt the wax on the iron drip on the base.Use very low pressure move the iron slowly. 
  • keep the iron temperature low enough the melt the wax make sure no smoke come from the iron, melting the wax try to spread the wax evenly from edge to edge on the base, be patience going slowly.
  • The iron should considerately moving never stop any one pace on the ski.