XCMAN 2020 New Complete Alpine Freeride Snowboard Side and base edge bevel multi tool Kit + Metal FIle + Gummi Stone STK-6

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XCMAN New Complete Alpine Freeride Snowboard Edge Bevel Tuning Kit /File Guide / Diamond File  / Rubber Abrasive Block 2019 Version

STK-6 Kiting Listing:

  1. Edge Tuner (90°/89°/88°/87°)
  2. File 70x30x4.8mm
  3. Diamond File 240Grit 70x25x4.5mm
  4. Diamond File 500Grit 70x25x4.5mm
  5. Diamond File 1000Grit 70x25x4.5mm
  6. Rubber Abrasive Block 50x40x20mm


Edge Tuner

High quality alpine Ski and Snowboard Side file guide Edge Bevel Multi tool with 87 88 89 90 degress.

Ideal ski tuning tool to to sharpen and bevel your ski edges.

Bevel, sharpen and polish ski & snowboard edges with one, hassle free tool.

The edge tuner tool is like an exfoliating mud bath for you snowboard's edges after a long day of rubbing shoulders with rocks, trees, and ice.


Bastard (or coarse cut), 10 TPCM(10 teeth/cm)

High Rockwell hardness rating for extended life.

Diamond File

  1. 240 Grit(Black)Use for removing case hardening from rock damage.If your file is not cutting the edge, use this diamond stone.it's like magic!
  2. 500 Grit(Pink)A must have diamond to maintain a smooth and sharp edge.Starts to bring out that high polish shine.
  3. 1000 Grit(Green)Final diamond polish when looking for that mirror finish. Extremely exact edge accuracy.Used on alpine skis to achieve that super smooth finish.

Rubber Abrasive Block

Use this stone to remove rust.
Deburrs edge after sharpening.
Detune tips & tails by gradually applying pressure for superior results.

Polishing the Metal edge can making it smooth and shine nice.