XCMAN 4 Layer-Cone Studs Dia 7.87 Inch Aluminum Snowboard Stomp Pad - 9pcs

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Surface treatment of aluminum Snowboard Ski mat: anodizing. It also comes with 3M adhesive, so it's bonded very well. Raised ridges and spots are very effective in providing additional traction and scraping snow from the sole of the boot.

  • Maximum traction: moulded spikes are designed to provide greater grip on slopes for maximum traction.
  • Size: dia 7.87 inch (20 mm) 4-layer tapered stud, large enough to provide adequate mesh, but still fit well on the plate.
  • Modular and configurable mat with 9 spikes on the tread pad for extra grip and perfect traction, and 9 configurable parts that can be moved to the desired traction as needed.
  • Fast and easy application: 3M peel and viscose. Every bag is good.