XCMAN Alpine Nordic XC Roto Cork Brush 100 mm For Wax or Fluoro Powders

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XCMAN Roto Cork 100 mm For Applying Fluoro Powders

  • Natural Cork for rubbing in wax or fluoro powders to any ski or XC ski.
  • Brush from tip to tail in one continue path use light pressure when you move brush back and forth 2-3 times in 3-5 seconds.
  • Drill rotation rate 800-1500 rpm.
  • Compatible with all axles: Red Creek, Swix, or SKS/FK-Tools 100mm shaft length.
  • For more tuning tips please check the product instructions.

How to use Roto brush?

Rotobrushes are widely used in many countries because they save time and help create the fastest base.  Rotobeushes are very versatile can be used to remove excess wax, open and uncover base structure and polish bases. We offer a complete selection of handles, brushes and attachments. To operate, slip the desired brush onto a control handle, clamp the handle into any electric or battery-powered drill, and start the drill. Drill rotation rate is 800-2000 rpm. They will be ideal to remove the tiny wax particles.