XCMAN Oxford 1680D Ski and Snowboard Waxing and Tuning Kit with Wax Brush Bag for Traveling and Storage STK-1

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XCMAN Oxford 1680D Ski and Snowboard Waxing and Tuning Kit with Wax Brush Bag for Traveling and Storage

  1. Oxford 1680D waterproof Kit bag
  2. Waxing scraper 5.11" for Alpine ski
  3. Ptex(whitle and black)
  4. Metal scraper 5.11"
  5. Nylon brush
  6. Brass brush
  7. Horsehair brush
  8. 7.87"(200mm) File
  9. 100g Universal Wax
  • Outer Oxford Fabric 1680D double layer waterproof.
  • Ideal for carrying ski snowboard waxing and tuning tools,include ski waxing scraper,wax and ski bevel guide,PTEX,waxing brush etc.
  • Top zipped wide open mouth for easy approaching tools.
  • Open dimensions:L22.5*W12.4*H8cm(L8.85*W4.88*H3.14 inch).
  • The kit bag with a elastic board,which idea for binding and protect your expensive tools avoid scratched and damaged when transport.You can see our pictures how to use this kit bag.
  • The waxing and tuning ski kit includes all of tools that you want DIY tune and wax tools.Save time save money.


  • This Waxing Speed kit includes a 10 mm brass brush that is good for renewing base structure and opening pores before you wax.
  • This Waxing Speed kit includes a 10 mm nylon brush that is stiff enough to remove the bulk of the wax during the tuning process.
  • This Waxing Speed kit includes a fine horsehair, 8 mm brush for removing wax from your ski or snowboard base structure.
  • High quality plexi wax scraper for removing excess wax prior to brushing.
  • They are precision cut and all four edges are planed smooth, square and straight to efficiently scrape excess wax from ski and snowboard bases.
  • They are sharp, durable and can be resharpened with any of our scraper sharpeners.
  • We recommend using plexi scrapers rather than steel scrapers to remove wax, steel scrapers can take off more than just wax!
  • XCMAN logo.The ski scraper measure 130*60mm and is 4mm thick.
  • Our 2 pcs of XCMAN PTEX will help you make consistent base repairs all season long, no matter what your skis look like.
  • Use these ptex sticks when you gouge your ski bases on rocks. Black p-tex sticks blend with any color ski easily and seamlessly when the repair job is complete.
  • These 8mm diameter ptex are just what you need to keep having fun all season long. No p-tex gun is required.8mm diameter ,200mm length