XCMAN Rotory Brush For Waxing Snowboard 200mm Length Nylon and Horsehiar Rotory Brhsh

$60.00 - $62.00
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TX-50-RH RN-200

XCMAN Roto brushes 200 mm length for waxing Snowboard compatible with 10 mm hexagonal axis.

  • Use a yellow softened nylon brush before the horse hair brush is finished.
  • The horse hair is finished with nylon brush.
  • Compatible with all axles: Red Creek, Swix or SKS/FK-Tools
  • The maximum speed is 1500 rpm.
  • Yellow is a nylon brush; dark brown is a horsehair brush.

Rotory brushes is used by many of the world's top national teams, manufacturers and after-sales service technicians. They save time and help create the fastest foundation. Rotobrushes are very versatile... they can be used to remove wax, open and uncover infrastructure, remove unwanted p-tex hair and polish substrates. We provide complete selection of handles, brushes and accessories. To operate, slide the required brush or accessories onto the control handle, clip the handle into any electric or battery-driven bit, and then start the bit. Roto-brush is designed to work at speeds ranging from 800 rpm to 2500 rpm... enough to emit tiny wax particles in the air - Safety Goggles should be worn unless a shield is installed.