XCMAN Ski Roto Brush Kit Roto Brush Handle Axle with All 3 Brushes:Nylon,Horsehiar,Brass/Cork

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  • 100mm (3.4in) Soften Yellow Nylon Brush.A soft nylon brush used for polishing overlays and soft waxes,Yellow Nylon bristles:10 mm length.
  • 100mm (3.4in) Horsehiar Brush.Used for brushing out hard and medium hard waxe.Horeshair bristles:6 mm length.
  • 100mm (3.4in) Brass Brush.Used for optimal base cleaning prior to waxing.Keep drill speed under 800 rpm when using this brush.Brass bristles:10 mm length.
  • 100mm (3.4in) Rotobrush control handle with built-in shield.Large ergonomic grip.Hexagon shaft rolls smoothly on sealed bearings. Compatible with all SKS, Swix and Toko 100 mm rotobrushes.
  • Heavy Duty Carry Kit Bag,with zipper.
  • 100mm (3.4in) Cork Roller.For applying high fluoro powders and quick glide finishes,Use with a standard drill and Rotobrush control handle.Set drill to low speed (800 rpm to 2500rpm).

1 Review

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    Great product

    Posted by Michel Simard on Jan Fri 2021

    very high quality