XCMAN Ski Snowboard Ptex Drip Candle Base Repair Sticker PTEX Kit: 5pcs Clear Ptex,Metal Scraper,Sanding Sponge

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STK-5 Liting:
PTEX,Metal scraper,Sand Paper

XCMAN Ski Snowboard noridc xc Ptex Drip Candle base Repair sticker PTEX Kit: 5pcs Clear ptex Metal Scraper Sanding Sponge

Everything you need to repair ski and snowboard bases: P-Tex; Metal Scraper; Sanding Sponge(for removed rust and polising steel edge).Choose black p-tex for black base areas and clear p-tex for clear or colorized base areas. If you need both clear and black p-tex we offer a 3/3 mix.
Choose from 5 Black, 5 Clear, or 3/3 Black/Clear mix.
STK-5 Kit listing:

  1. One sanding Sponge(Mediu Grit 1000-800) for removed rust and polising steel edge.For fine buffing of edges. A few strokes will shine an edge.
  2. About 130 mm long (5.11 inches) long.Metal base scraper.
  3. P-Tex Rods for base repairs.Diameter 8 mm; Length:19.8mm.Use this for P-Tex work on ski and snowboard bases.Suitable for light base planing.