XCMAN Snowboard Roto Brush Controller Handle Safty Shield Compatible with All of 10mm Hex Roto Brushes 100mm /200mm Length

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XCMAN Roto Brush Controller Handle 100mm/200mm Length 10mm hex shaft Compatible all of 10mm Hex Roto Brush

  • This is the handle you need to get started with Roto Brushing your Skis or snowboard.
  • THe rotory brush handle Shaft is standard 10mm Hexagon. Length 100mm/200mm. Fits most standard electric drills.
  • THe rotory brush handle Shaft length 100mm/200mm (10mm Hex X 100mm/200mm length).
  • Photo's may show the handle with brush installed, but this item is just the handle WITHOUT brush.
  • Brushes available separately.
  • Great Quality - Great Value. Roto Brushing is Easy and Fast - You'll get great results with xcman Roto Brushes.
  • They launch tiny wax particles in the air while they are working.So wear safety goggles keep safety youreyes.
  • brush is the only way to go. This product works well and came really fast. Saves me tons of time.

XCMAN Roto Brush Controller Handle 100mm for Alpine ski or XC Nordic Ski ,200 mm Lenght For Snowboard Compatible with 10mm hex shaft.

  • Yellow soften nylon brush use before horsehair brush finish.
  • Horsehair use after nylon brushes for final finish.
  • Compatible with all axles: Red Creek, Swix, or SKS/FK-Tools
  • Rotation rate max 1000~1500 rpm.
  • See tuning Tips section for instructions.
  • Brass or Cork for optimal base cleaning and revitalization prior to waxing.

​Rotobrushes are used by many of the world's top national teams and factory service technicians. They save time and help create the fastest bases as well. Rotobrushes are very versatile...they can be used to remove wax, open and uncover base structure, cut away unwanted p-tex hairs and polish bases. We offer a complete selection of handles, brushes and attachments. To operate, slip the desired brush or attachment onto a control handle, clamp the handle into any electric or battery-powered drill, and start the drill. Roto-brushes are designed to operate at speeds between 800 and 2500rpm... enough to launch tiny wax particles in the air -So wear safety goggles unless they have a shield installed.