XCMAN Snowboard Sleeve Cover Case Snowboard Bag for Travel Storage Transport Protection Suitcase Neoprene

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  • Neoprene material
  • Excellent design for snowboard protection: The high-quality soft neoprene snowboard sleeve is the perfect protective cover. Your snowboard can provide essential protection for precious skis from scratches, scratches, scratches and dents. Ensure that you have perfect ski edges, foundations and surfaces.
  • Rubber protection strips: There is a rubber protection strip on each side of the head and tail. The soft strip can perfectly protect your precious skis from scratches and collisions.
  • Lightweight, friendly shop suitable for snowy season. It is very suitable for travel and can be doubled as a snowboard, so it is essential that you can interconnect the snowboard travel bag.
  • High-quality materials: Even if the temperature exceeds -30C, the buckle will not easily break. 5mm thick neoprene fiber-resistant to tearing and freezing.
  • The most suitable board: Super elastic neoprene fabric 140cm-150cm-160cm long, when placed, transported in a van or on the roof of a car on the roof rack, it can provide 360-degree edge protection for the snowboard.

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